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Net profit increased by nearly 50%, how much did you earn in the first half of the year?

Industry News
2019/07/02 15:16
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Ruyi’s“famousness”in recent years has been“buy and buy”through its generous handwriting.
Ruyi Group announced its semi-annual report on the evening of August 5th.The company achieved revenue of 586 million yuan,a year-on-year increase of 9.61%;realized total profit of 42.443 million yuan,an increase of 108.75%;net profit attributable to listed shareholders reached 2,829.45 million yuan,year-on-year.The increase was 49.29%.
For the main performance drivers,the intention is to adhere to the science and technology leadership,improve their core competitiveness;adhere to the"fine strategy",through the international leading product development level and technological innovation capabilities,in Italy,the United Kingdom,Japan,South Korea to establish a fashion design center,Cultivated a team of innovative,passionate and energetic technology R&D teams,and obtained hundreds of patented technologies and innovations;adhered to the brand as the main line,built a brand-like wish,extended to the"smile curve",dedicated To develop a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a service-oriented brand enterprise;adhere to the international development route and continuously improve the global marketing network;have a complete industrial chain,and the synergy effect of industrial linkage is obvious,and gradually form an industrial layout with upstream and downstream integration.The whole industrial chain of dyeing,spinning,weaving,dyeing and finishing,and clothing,to play complementary advantages,can adapt to changes in the consumer market and changes in product structure.
From the perspective of different areas of main income,clothing products accounted for 57.29%of revenue,an increase of 34.97%over the same period of last year.
Compared with its group performance,Ruyi’s“famousness”in recent years is through its big“buy and buy”.Since 2010,Shandong Ruyi has continued to include fresh blood,and has reserved more brand resources for the group.It has acquired 41.53%of Renown Japan,SMCP of France,and Agage Lion of Aquascutum.In February this year,it acquired 160 of Switzerland.BALLY,the brand history of many years,signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Temple Library,Asia's largest high-end consumer service platform,in July.
Obviously,Ruyi Group is following the form of mergers and acquisitions of international luxury giant LVMH to form its own brand matrix.According to McKinsey's report,between 2008 and 2016,the proportion of luxury goods consumed outside China increased to three-quarters.By 2025,China's luxury consumption will account for 44%of the global market.Today,Ruyi is laying out this market.