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    1.Applicable Models:
    Suitable for all kinds of looms at home and abroad,like rapier loom,air jet loom,water jet loom,projectile loom
    Our jacquard machines can adapt to a variety of brands looms:
    2.Product Design
    Need to confirm with R&D and technology department
    3.Package and Transportation
    Equipment packaging and delivery are extremely important preparatory work in the logistics process,which is directly related to whether the equipment can be delivered,installation can be completed efficiently,and debugging can be completed satisfactorily.
    S&S packaging using cartons,fumigated wooden pallet,fumigated wooden box packaging,etc.
    Module-related products:we use cartons with plastic pallets inside the boxes and wrapping films in the outer boxes.
    Selvage jacquard equipment:packed in fumigated wooden box.
    Electronic jacquard equipment:packed by wooden pallet and waterproof wrapped film.
    For transportation,S&S adopt 20 GP or 40 GP container to transport equipment for overseas customers according to purchasing quantity,on the premise of not wasting volume,our professional staff make the weight close to the container load to the maximum extent and make full use of each container to save the cost of packing and transportation for customers.
    4.Installation and Debugging
    The installation,debugging,operation and maintenance of the equipment are directly related to whether the jacquard machines used by customers and related production requirements can be met.In order to ensure the normal use of customers,it is very important to do a good job in the installation,debugging,operation and maintenance of the equipment.S&S is equipped with experienced technicians to guide the installation and debugging on site,so that your equipment can be put into production quickly in the best condition.
    After S&S jacquard machines arrive at the customer's factory,unloading must be done by professionals.Our professionals on site will do the installation supervision work to check whether the goods are damaged and check whether the goods are consistent with the list.After unloading and hoisting,we will check whether the delivered parts are complete and qualified,if not,we will resend or replace immediately.Finally,we will confirm and guide the customer for lifting equipment to prevent the customer lifts the equipment at will and damages the equipment.
    Installation and adjustment of equipment must be carried out by professionals who have mastered handling and hoisting technology to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole process,and adjust the left and right positions and height of the jacquard machine.If the jacquard twist is caused by the adjustment of the assembly,the customer and the assembly manufacturer shall deal with the subsequent problems.After installation,the jacquard machine should be checked before starting the engine.If the setting does not meet the requirements,starting the jacquard will cause significant damage to the mechanical parts or components.
    Due to the importance of the site installation and debugging,S&S has trained a team of service engineers with professional skills,our installation and commissioning personnel for customers are professional and experienced technicians who have been engaged in first-line production for many years.They are very familiar with the structure,performance and use of home-made equipment and can play a multiplier role in installation and commissioning.
    5.Training and service are timely and on call.We have overseas service offices.
    Train your own technical team to ensure the normal operation of jacquard machines
    S&S technicians in charge of training are the technical backbone of the installation and debugging team.They have been working on the front line for many years and have rich practical experience.The advantage is that they can emphasize some important details to customers that are not usually noticed during the training.Our trainers mainly train our clients in two aspects:
    1.To train all workers involved in the operation of jacquard looms in basic operation skills.
    2.Conduct training on all common problems in operation and demonstrate solutions to the workers on site.
    After the above two aspects of training,operators can have a basic understanding of the use of S&S jacquard to ensure that problems encountered in production will not lead to prolonged shutdown.
    S&S electronic jacquard operation manual will be accompanied with products,the operational instructions based on S&S accumulation of long-term production practice experience,which includes the instructions for the use of the jacquard,matters needing attention for maintenance,solutions to common problems and maintenance records,etc.,so as to ensure that customers can check the rules in the operation of the equipment and facilitate management.
    S&S's service teams are all over the world.It has established many overseas offices to provide customers with all-round services so as to meet customers'requirements.We are on call at the first time and provide professional and perfect services to global customers,problems encountered in production will be solved immediately.
    The main services we provide include:
    Pre-sale service:
    Provide free training on jacquard product knowledge for customers,and give reasonable suggestions on product selection according to customers'requirements.
    After-sale service:
    1.In order to bring more convenience to customers,our engineers will provide on-site installation guidance services and provide training for relevant technical workers.
    2.Any problems related to the operation of products,overseas customers can consult local agents for help.If the problem still can’t be solved,then customer may contact us via Internet or telephone for further help.If necessary,we will arrange professional engineers to provide on-site service
    China office:
    Jiangsu Nantong office:18853528156
    Hangzhou Xiaoshan office:15253509913
    Jiangsu Zhenze office:15269560961
    Hebei Gaoyang office:18353596780
    Guangdong Xiqiao office:15063888037
    Zhejiang Haining office:15898962608
    Overseas customer service center:
    India Service&Spare Parts Support Centre-Suart