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    Customer cases

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    A customer from Uzbekistan
    "We have bought 20 sets of jacquard machines from S&S since 2012, their equipment works well. We have cooperated for 7 years. Now our company has 60 sets of jacquard machines from S&S. S&S's equipment quality is good, service and accessories problems solved in time, we are very satisfied with their products. We intend to purchase 20 more S&S jacquards in 2019 to expand our production scale".
    A customer from Iran
    "The delivery time of S&S equipment is very timely, their equipment can be received within 50 days. S&S design is easy for maintenance and assembly, the quality of equipment components is very good. Its maintenance cost is low with low energy consumption and energy saving. If there is any problem with the equipment, their company will send professional at site for service as soon as possible, I am very satisfied with S&S for that. We have been using S&S jacquard machines for four years, so far it is running well without any quality problems".
    A customer from Jiangsu
    One Jiangsu textile group purchased one set of S&S jacquard machine in 2010, they purchased and installed 216 sets of S&S model 5376 jacquard machines for their new factory in 2011; 184 sets of jacquard machines as additional orders have been placed for its subsidiaries since 2012, they have totally purchased 400 sets of S&S jacquard machine for 8 years of cooperation , this customer also has other brands of jacquard machines, but S&S accounted for more than 90%, it reflects the customer's affirmation and recognition of S&S products. S&S has been highly recognized by customers for its excellent team and high-quality products.
    Towel enterprise
    One of Hebei Customers who is specialized in producing wedding towels has cooperated with S&S for 7 years, they started to buy in 32 sets of S&S jacquard of model 2688,3200, 9216 since 2012.
    "S&S's products' operation is simple and convenient, we give a high praise to their after-sales service. When there is a problem with our equipment, their after-sales technicians can arrive at the scene as soon as possible, they are faster than other suppliers. We hope to cooperate with S&S for a long time".
    Home textile bedding
    One of Jiangsu customers started to cooperate with S&S in 2009. Currently, they have purchased 80 S&S jacquard machines. S&S's equipment is really energy-saving, because it is self-lubricating chain transmission, with transmission efficiency up to 96%, carrying capacity and life more than 5 times that of ordinary chain, which greatly reduces their replacement cost and energy consumption. S&S quality is very stable, quality is good and after-sales service is timely, our company started to use all S&S jacquard machines since 2009, we have no other jacquard machine suppliers.
    One of Jiangsu customers has been using S&S's jacquard machines since its establishment in 2011.They have cooperated with S&S for 7 years and purchased Models of 5376, 8448 and 6912 Jacquard machines successively. The long-term cooperation with S&S company has greatly improved their technology. The equipment is stable and efficient, especially the simple open structure is convenient for them to adjust and maintain, and the maintenance and repair cost is low. In addition, the service is also on call. When they have problems in the quality, S&S after-sales technical staff will come at the first time to give specific guidance, help and provide suggestions. They are very satisfied with S&S attitudes and ability of the service staff.
    One of Zhejiang customers was established in 1995 and started to cooperate with S&S in 2014. It has been cooperating for 5 years. Compared with other manufacturers, S&S's equipment has low energy consumption, energy saving and low noise, which greatly reduces the daily production cost for the enterprise. In addition, the touch screen configuration is simple to operate and easy to use; The change of jacquard varieties is quick and efficient. "S&S's services are in place, they call us regularly or send engineers to our site to pay attention to the use of our equipment. We are very satisfied".