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Seeking intelligent transformation and exploring high-quality development

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2019/12/13 09:56
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Shuyang has realized leading the national intelligent knitting industry

In recent years, with the support of Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shuyang textile and garment industry has grown into the youngest industrial cluster in Jiangsu Province. At present, Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only national economic and technological development zone in the county in Northern Jiangsu. In 2011, Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, accelerating Shuyang textile to enter a new era of collaborative innovation and development of the whole industrial chain. According to Bian Jianjun, secretary of the Party Committee of Shuyang County and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, there are 546 textile and garment enterprises in the county, 91 of which are above designated size. In 2018, the county’s textile and garment industry achieved an industrial sales revenue of 11.659 billion yuan, an increase of 42.62% year-on- year.
Intelligent manufacturing has become a new label of textile industry in the new era. As early as 2016, Shuyang seized the opportunity of “intelligent manufacturing” and planned to build the first intelligent knitting park in China - Shuyang Intelligent Knitting Industrial Park. At present, 245,000 square meters of Intelligent Knitting Industrial Park is fully operational. In addition, Shuyang has also reached strategic cooperation agreements with Donghua University and Wuhan Textile University, which provide all-round support in new product development, platform construction and personnel training.

Promote intellectualization and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and technological development

Gao Yong, Secretary General China National Textile and Apparel Council, said that under the conditions of Sino-US trade friction and world economic restructuring, the textile industry has been affected by economic laws and has taken the lead in entering the stage of low-speed development. In fact, the textile industry has accelerated the pace of structural adjustment in the last four years: in the adjustment of industrial structure, the transformation of garment textiles into industrial textiles; in the adjustment of regional structure, there are international industrial transfer of clothing orders controlled by raw materials and other factors, as well as domestic transfer from the coast to the central and western regions, the textile industrial transfers is also shifting from southern Jiangsu to northern Jiangsu; in terms of product structure adjustment, the focus is on industrial transformation and upgrading, that is, focusing on scientific and technological progress, and complying with the trend of global scientific and technological development, and promoting intelligent manufacturing.
In the “13th Five-Year Plan”, seven intelligent manufacturing demonstration lines such as spinning, chemical fiber filament, dyeing and printing, knitting, clothing, home textiles and non-woven fabrics were planned. Today, we must make full use of cloud computing, big data, etc. to promote the main trend of intelligence. However, we cannot take the road of serial development in developed countries, but we must develop in parallel. I hope that everyone will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and technological development in the face of a bad macroeconomic situation.

What is the way out for Chinese enterprises under the background of trade friction?

At present, Sino-US economic and trade relations have entered a period of intense trade friction, which has brought pressure on both sides, third parties and even the global economy. However, in the face of Sino-US trade frictions, we must have confidence and need both offensive and defensive. Speaking of China’s thinking on the Sino-US trade friction response strategy, Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said: First, actively expand the domestic market and slow down the pressure on the domestic enterprises from the U.S. tariff increase measures; second, to further accelerate the construction of the Belt and Road, to reflect the leading role of trade liberalization; third, while further increasing the pace of opening up to the outside world, more conditions should be attached to the opening of the United States; fourth, free from external pressure, competitiveness counters the pressure brought by trade frictions; fifth, in dealing with U.S. trade protectionism, we must actively create opportunities for cooperation with other countries.
When talking about the transformation and upgrading of stabilizing foreign trade, Bai Ming believes that it is necessary to take a calm view of the changes in the growth rate of China’s foreign trade and the spillover of opportunities in the international market. At the same time, it is necessary to make full use of the huge domestic market, complete industrial structure, resource agglomeration, and local advantageous industries to cultivate new competitive advantages in foreign trade.
Xu Lin, secretary of the Party branch of China Textile Machinery Association, said that to promote the construction of a strong textile country with intelligent manufacturing, upgrade the industry, change the growth mode, and effectively improve product quality and production efficiency and achieve high-quality development of enterprises by accelerating the research and development and application of high-end textile equipment and software. He stressed that the purpose and development direction of intelligent manufacturing in textile industry is to develop from single machine equipment to complete system integration, from workshop to digitalization, automation and intelligence, to shorten textile process, improve utilization rate of raw materials and equipment, reduce labor, improve efficiency and quality.

In order to better promote the enterprise to develop smart manufacturing, China Textile Machinery Association not only won the national financial support for smart manufacturing, but also led the establishment of a textile intelligent manufacturing system solution supplier alliance, and cooperated with the TD industry alliance, it has built a public service platform for the intelligent manufacturing of textile clothing, textile machinery and upstream and downstream suppliers.
Shuyang experience
During the forum, representatives also visited Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Hengneng Home Textile Industrial Park.
As the leader of electronic jacquard machine, Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved high-quality development in recent years with independent innovation as the guide. Now, it has two world’s first technologies and more than 50 authorized intellectual property rights, becoming an innovative enterprise with great vitality in the industry.
The Jiangsu Hengneng Home Textile Industrial Park project, invested by Zhejiang Changxing merchants with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, took only four months to build 200,000 square meters of factory buildings and supporting facilities. A large number of high-quality home textile projects were concentrated in the park, once again refreshing the “Shuyang speed”.
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