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S&S: our 20th Anniversary (1)

company news
2019/12/11 17:06
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Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd. celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 19th , inviting nearly 500 people including leaders and guests, as well as experts, scholars, research institutes, S&S upstream and downstream partners and employees to its appreciation banquet in Shuyang, Jiangsu province.
Innovation is always on the way
In face of poverty and blankness, without resources and geographical advantages, S&S Intelligent Science and Technology created one miracle after another. Ms. Song Jiayi, President of Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd., stated that “With leading technology innovation, solid product quality and intimate professional services, we have won the trust and reputation of users, and made the brilliant achievement of ‘No. One in the World’ with S&Song creation.”
Ms. Song Jiayi, President of Jiangsu S&S Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
She stressed that the healthy growth of S&S Intelligent Science and Technology all the way cannot be separated from the elder generation’s dream for industry, innovation and a powerful country, cannot do without the struggle and persistence of S&S people, and cannot do without the support and trust of various leaders and friends. Twenty years is only a new starting point; in the future, S&S Intelligent Science and Technology will continue to insist on improving user experience satisfaction, increase R&D investment, and continuously improve innovation capabilities; upgrade automated production lines to ensure product quality; strengthen team building to ensure timely, professional and efficient service. 
Mr. Gao Yong, Party Secretary and Secretary General of China National Textile and Apparel Council
Mr. Gao Yong, Party Secretary and Secretary General of China National Textile and Apparel Council, congratulated S&S Intelligent Science and Technology on its 20th anniversary and fully affirmed its innovative development. He said that the founder Song Risheng has made important contributions to the promotion of electronic jacquard technology and the expansion of the production scale of domestic electronic jacquard machines in the past 20 years, effectively enhancing the world influence of domestic jacquard machines.
A review of the development of S&S in the past 2 decades
★ In 1999, in an office of less than 20 sqm. in Tianma Building, Yantai city, Mr. Song Risheng and his wife Ms. Song Hua founded S&S. The worsted electro-heat calendering system  developed then filled the gap in China.
 In 2001, the company successfully developed the first D-056 semi-automatic selvage mark jacquard machine in China, a turn from worsted components to jacquard machine.

 A fire broke out in 2005, and all assets of the company were turned into ashes. Under the joint efforts of many parties, S&S resumed production in 15 days.

 In face of the weakened demand of textile equipment in 2008 owing to the financial crisis, the company timely innovated and launched lightweight equipment, and in the same year developed the world’s first crank-drive chain-gear jacquard machine. The market share ranked first in the world.

 From 20 sqm. to 100,000 sqm., from 4 people to 600, and from one machine to more than 60,000, today S&S has been an innovative enterprise owing two world’s first technologies including crank-drive chain-gear jacquard machine and reed motion jet terry cloth looms, as well as more than 50 innovative intellectual property rights.



In recognition of the spirit of doing scientific research, and the entrepreneurial spirit with independent innovation, hard work, and the courage to take responsibility, Mr. Song Risheng was poshumously awarded the honorary title “National Entrepreneur Making Contributions to the Textile Industry” by China Textile Enterprise Association.

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