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Where does the investment in Xinjiang go? The textile company will not forget the original heart.

Industry News
2019/07/02 15:16
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All along,due to its unique resource advantages and policy support,Xinjiang has become one of the most important cotton textile industry bases in China.The Xinjiang region with its own"protagonist"aura can be said to have been"hot".Not only is the heat in the hot weather,but the textile investment boom that textile companies set off has made Xinjiang more concerned,and the heat has not retreated.
If the"heat"of previous years is expected,then this year's"heat"is unexpected.In March of this year,the"Emergency Notice on Strictly Controlling the Disorderly Development of the Cotton Textile Industry"issued by the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Government was like a reminder to the textile enterprises that accelerated to Xinjiang.When accelerating capacity expansion,not only the"quantity"but also the"quantity"must be guaranteed.quality".In the context of the policy,how should we look at the future development of the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang?With the continuous advancement of the industry's transformation and upgrading,what should Xinjiang cotton spinning enterprises do?
In the"Tianmen Textile Machinery•Daheng Image"2018 Cotton Spinning Innovation Technology(Xinjiang)Symposium jointly sponsored by the National Cotton Textile Technology Information Center,Cotton Textile Technology Journal and Aksu Textile and Garment Association,textile enterprises in and outside Xinjiang High-level and engineering and technical personnel are highly concerned and enthusiastic to participate,and have conducted in-depth discussions on the above issues,inspiring the new ideas of Xinjiang textile industry under the new policy,strengthening the innovative technology,returning to the initial quality of the quality,the textile enterprises can achieve high Quality development.More than 600 representatives from more than 150 companies from both inside and outside Xinjiang attended the seminar.
Policy support
Textile enterprises gather in Xinjiang to expand their industrial scale
Data show that from 2014 to 2017,the cumulative investment in fixed assets of Xinjiang textile and garment industry was 136.225 billion yuan,from 0.9%in the country in 2014 to 3.47%in 2017.This fully shows that the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang is developing rapidly and the industrial scale has expanded significantly.
As early as 2014,a large number of domestic textile superiority and strong enterprises came to Xinjiang to set up factories.The number of industrial investment and enterprises in Xinjiang increased rapidly,and the industrial scale and technical level increased significantly.Especially the newly added cotton spinning production equipment and technology are leading internationally.Level.According to Liang Yong,deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,the number of enterprises registered in the district has increased from 560 in early 2014 to 2,703 at the end of 2017,and 2,143 new enterprises have been added,of which 616 are from mainland China.The actual investment exceeds 80 billion yuan,accounting for 70%of the entire industry.Tianhong,Jinsheng,Hongdou,Jifa and other domestic top 100 textile and garment enterprises have invested in Xinjiang.In the past few years,Huafu,Ruyi and Xinye have also rapidly expanded their investment scale.
The investment boom of textile enterprises has been seen in the production capacity of China's cotton-spun listed companies in the past two years.In 2017,Huafu's fashion production capacity reached 1.8 million spindles,of which 880,000 spindles were distributed in Xinjiang.At present,Huafu Fashion has a total of four important color spinning projects under construction,including three projects in Xinjiang,namely Akzo's 160,000 spindles,210,000 spindles and 150,000 spindles of high-grade color spinning projects.In addition,the company recently announced that it will complete the plan to gradually transfer its 60,000 spindle yarn capacity to Xinjiang's production area by the end of August.
The large amount of production capacity of textile enterprises to Xinjiang is of course also supported by preferential policies.Xiao Yuqing,president of the Xinjiang Cotton Association and chairman of the Xinjiang Cotton Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,said that the policy combination boxing provides a rare opportunity for the development of the cotton industry in Xinjiang.In 2014,the state successively introduced Xinjiang cotton enterprises to use Xinjiang cotton to subsidize 800 yuan/ton,Xinjiang cotton yarn,cotton cloth subsidies increased to 900 yuan/ton~1000 yuan/ton,textile and clothing enterprises to implement electricity costs 0.35 yuan/kWh And other policies.In 2015,Xinjiang's support policies continued to increase,making the cotton textile industry shift to the west faster.With the accumulation of production capacity,Xinjiang has become one of the most important cotton textile industry bases in China.
Overcapacity has hidden concerns
Unbalanced industrial chain restricts healthy development
As the so-called speed is not up,the speed of the development of the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang is unpredictable,and the problem of overcapacity has become increasingly prominent.
At the 2018 Cotton Spinning Innovation Technology(Xinjiang)Seminar,Yang Xiaodong,deputy director of the Xinjiang Textile Industry Management Office,introduced the development status of the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang and analyzed the problems in the development of the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang.He said that cotton textile investment has effectively boosted local employment and large investment for Xinjiang;increased the local conversion rate of raw materials;promoted the extension of the industrial chain;and increased local taxes.At the same time,however,there is also a problem of excessive growth of production capacity,uneven development of the industrial chain,low employment capacity of cotton textiles,excessive proportion of financial subsidies,and a single product category and serious homogenization competition.
Regarding the serious control of the disorderly development of the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang,Yang Xiaodong analyzed and interpreted the current development of cotton spinning in Xinjiang.The data shows that as of the end of 2017,the cotton textile production capacity in Xinjiang has reached 17.46 million spindles.In this regard,Yang Xiaodong said that if no measures are taken to prevent the cotton fiber production capacity from continuing to expand in disorder,this year's cotton production in Xinjiang will be put into production and the production capacity will exceed 20 million ingots of the cotton textile production capacity of the whole country(including the Corps)by 2023."aims.After controlling the new production capacity in Xinjiang,it can prevent cotton spinning production capacity from continuing to expand in disorder,and the growth rate of spinning capacity in the country will gradually return to a rational situation.Therefore,the enhancement of the specific measures for the management of cotton spinning projects under construction can enable enterprises to adjust the production direction more quickly and promote the development of the cotton textile industry to high quality.
Returning to quality is the way out
Technological innovation is the core of textile enterprise transformation
The adjustment of the policy is for the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the development of the industry.Yang Xiaodong said that as a company,it is necessary to clarify the policy direction,but also to clarify the plans and goals of enterprise development.Do not blindly follow the goal,return to quality and efficiency,and innovation technology is fundamental.
Zhang Peng,the textile employment office of Aksu,said at the meeting that Aksu’s textile and apparel enterprises have grown from 38 to 432,and have become the first in Xinjiang.Affected by policy adjustments,many enterprises have encountered certain difficulties in development,which is an inevitable pain in the process of policy adjustment.As the implementation department of Xinjiang textile preferential policies,it will definitely increase the implementation of policies and stability,expand financing channels,strengthen the support of industrial chains,solve the difficult problem of difficult use of funds,and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the entire industrial chain.
Although the Xinjiang textile and garment industry has entered a period of rapid development,quality and efficiency should be the goals pursued by enterprises.Along with the continuous advancement and transformation of the industry,cotton spinning enterprises have experienced various adjustment difficulties and difficulties in transformation,but in the process,they can clearly feel the good state of their quality improvement.Zhang Peng believes that industrial transformation and upgrading requires new technologies and new ideas to achieve intelligent manufacturing.Cotton spinning enterprises should continue to maintain the spirit of innovation and move forward in the textile intelligent industry.
This forum specially set up a“sub-conference venue+peak dialogue+summit forum”to serve Xinjiang cotton spinning enterprises in all aspects.“Akesu Textile and Apparel Summit Forum and Technical Q&A Meeting”,the leaders of the textile industry in Aksu,the heads of Aksu’s key textile and garment enterprises,the technical authority of cotton spinning industry in Xinjiang and abroad,experts and scholars exchanged ideas and fully interacted with the development of Xinjiang cotton spinning enterprises.The doubts and difficulties that arrived,the guests who participated in the discussion also discussed the current development status of Xinjiang and the difficulties encountered in technology,capital,employment,and transportation.