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Super and Service two hands, both hands to hard

Company News
2019/07/02 14:59
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Song and Song Technology Co.,Ltd.adheres to the corporate tenet of“all the satisfaction of improving user experience as the center”and carries forward the enterprise spirit of“responsibility,rules and excellence”and has gone through 20 years of hard work.Gradually complete the international market industrial layout,with an annual production capacity of 5,000 electronic jacquard machines(sets),monthly production of 360,000 jacquard electromagnetic components,the industry is known as the most competitive electronic jacquard brand in the world.
Song and Song:"Super"and"Service"are both hands-on,both hands must be hard!
The"Song and Song"electronic jacquard machine produced by the company has high cost performance and strong competitiveness.The production and sales volume of the company's products doubled for three consecutive years.In 2018,the sales revenue was about 340 million yuan,and the production and sales volume ranked first in the world.More than 70%,the products cover China,India,Vietnam,Pakistan,Turkey and other 30 countries and regions.
In the new product development,we are constantly innovating.“Technology is the first productivity of enterprise development”.Song and Song,as a high-tech entity of high-end jacquard weaving equipment and its key components research and development,production,operation and service,have more than 40 patents,including inventions.Ten patents and three software copyrights are veritable“Jacquard design experts”.
Song and Song always implement the concept of“Super Service”.In terms of product design,we not only make breakthroughs in the long-term development based on the current market demand,but also constantly update the design and provide products that lead the market at any time.
Especially in recent years,in response to the development of the textile market to high-density,large-volume,high value-added products,Song and Song Technology successfully developed a large number of electronic jacquard machines,the current maximum number of needles can be more than 30,000 needles;to meet different The user has different requirements for the mechanical structure,and developed a double-sided conjugate cam structure jacquard machine;for the low-speed small rapier loom in India,the economical models SA5 and SE5 are introduced;in order to improve the special process,the opening of the wide rapier loom is opened.Utilization,the creation of a rotary shifting mechanism.
Song and Song:"Super"and"Service"are both hands-on,both hands must be hard!
The Song and Song Jacquard machines are characterized by high reliability,high efficiency and high return.They are in a leading position in terms of product type,stability and market share,and have been recognized by the industry.
Song and Song have established long-term strategic partnerships with world-renowned textile equipment companies,Ida and Picanol.
Song and Song:"Super"and"Service"are both hands-on,both hands must be hard!
In recent years,Song and Song Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.has promoted cooperation with domestic and foreign R&D institutions to develop a series of major R&D projects on intelligent automatic production line assembly and intelligent monitoring system for key components of jacquard machines,welcoming the intelligent manufacturing development of jacquard machines.The new phase and a major breakthrough in the Chinese textile industry.
In terms of operation and management,Song and Song created and implemented the three-standard eight-step management system with order management as the core,and clearly defined the closed-loop management and control process from the market demand to the customer satisfaction survey process,truly preventing all problems beforehand and quickly afterwards.The management mechanism of the reaction,the quality control rate reached 99.9%.
In terms of user services,Song and Song have established the most efficient localization professional technical service team in all parts of the world.It is an industry standard setter to solve the problem of efficient and low-cost production of good equipment for pre-sale,sale and after-sales.
Integrity serves the world,Songhe Technology has been imitated;
Care for the benefit of all mankind,Song and Song have been marching on the road to victory.